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Learn everything you need to know about the various symptoms of anxiety. Are you struggling with peeing problems, numb feelings, or perhaps panic attacks? Find out how you can identify and treat these symptoms naturally, by yourself.

Anxiety Symptom #5: Emotional Numbness, Lightheadedness and Depersonalization

Anxiety Symptom #5: Emotional Numbness, Lightheadedness and Depersonalization

It can be a very scary experience when your mind numbs out your emotions in a desperate attempt to drown your panic and anxiety.. You become a spectator of your own life, detached from the world around you. Your words, your actions are all happening on autopilot and all you can do is watch and drift along with it.

So why do you have to go through all that?

Read on to find out why and learn 6 ways to snap out of emotional numbness caused by anxiety!

Anxiety Symptom #3: Sleeping Problems (13 Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally)

Anxiety Symptom #3: Sleeping Problems (13 Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally)

Sleeping problems are a very common symptom of anxiety.

The reality is that the anxious mind doesn’t like to drift away into unconsciousness. It has stuff to check. It has stuff to worry about. It has problems to solve.

And it likes to do all that after you've turned off the lights.

Anxiety Symptom #2: Trembling, Shaking, Body Tremors And Jumpiness

Anxiety Symptom #2: Trembling, Shaking, Body Tremors, Jumpiness

A very common but often overlooked symptom of anxiety is trembling.

Trembling can occur seemingly out of the blue for no apparent reason. But if you start examining it, you’ll find that it happens whenever you’re experiencing intense stress and nervousness.

For the most part having body tremors mean that you get some kind of involuntary movement in your muscles that you can’t consciously control. You can sometimes stop it by massaging the area or stretching but usually you can’t “will it to stop.”

Read on to find out more about body tremors caused by anxiety and how you can stop the trembling.

“Can Anxiety Cause Urination Problems?”

Frequent Urination Anxiety Symptom

For many people the first symptom of anxiety that they experience is urination problems.

It can be scary, it can be overwhelming and it is definitely embarrassing.

Anxiety can cause you to have to pee and the urge can be very strong. But for the most part when you finally get to the bathroom, you find that your bladder's empty.

But when you're driving, or you're in an exam and you physically cannot go to the bathroom, you suddenly feel like you're about to burst... and you feel scared and ashamed that you might accidentally wet yourself.

Sound familiar? Read on.

Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Symptoms of a panic attack

I decided to write this article because I see a lot of confusion about panic attacks when I talk to people. They don't really know what the symptoms are so they make all kinds of wild assumptions about what a panic episode atually is like.

They imagine it's something like when 6 year old Jane can't have that new Barbie doll she wants so much and starts screaming and throwing a fit.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

You don't know what a panic attack is like until it comes to you... and you're reduced to a mess of trembling limbs and tears and your entire being dissolves in pure, pitch-black dread.

The 21 Most Common Symptoms of Anxiety

symptoms of anxiety

I get a lot of questions about what are some of the signs and symptoms of anxiety. 

And that's a difficult question, because honestly, there's over 100... and that's way more than I can squeeze into a single blog post. 

So instead, I decided to research the 21 most common symptoms that people with anxiety can experience. 

So here's the checklist that I prepared for you of the 21 most common signs of anxiety: