25 Famous People With Anxiety Disorder

25 Famous People With Anxiety - Scarlett Johansson

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 18% of the US population struggles with anxiety. 

That's a pretty staggering statistic - it means that 1 in every 5 people suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), or Panic Disorder. 

And that includes celebrities.

The amazing thing about celebrities that have overcome anxiety is that they're proof that anxiety can be cured. The mere fact that they managed to control their anxiety to the point where they can show up in the media and withstand the scrutiny of millions of people shows that they were able to turn around their condition.

They are a bright beacon of hope for anyone struggling with anxiety disorder.

25 Famous People Who Have Suffered From Anxiety... And What They Say About It

Let's look at 25 celebrities that have suffered with anxiety at one point in their lives:

  1. Emma Stone: "The first time I had a panic attack, I was sitting in my friend's house, and I thought the house was burning down. I called my mom and she brought me home and for the next three years it would just not stop... I would ask my mom to tell me exactly how the day was going to be, then ask again 30 seconds later. I just needed to know that no one was going to die and nothing was going to chance."
  2. Johnny Depp: "I don't go out a lot. I stay at home a lot. Or when I go out to eat, you know, you've got to - it becomes a strategic sort of plan."
  3. Scarlett Johansson: "... I usually feel nervous before every film but this time it was a lot worse. I was so nervous that by the time we were ready for the first scene, I was nearly dead from anxiety."
  4. Wynona Ryder: "I was exhausted and going through a terrible depression. I had had panic attacks from the age of 12 – probably from the pressure of working and then going through adolescence onscreen. ... I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I've f***ing thought of it."
  5. Adele: "I have anxiety attacks, constant panicking on stage, my heart feels like it's going to explode because I never feel like I'm going to deliver, ever."
  6. Mickey Rourke: "The anxiety always comes out eventually."
  7. Christina Ricci: "Sometimes when I was doing this movie I'd think 'I'm everybody's worst nightmare right now.'"
  8. Kim Basinger: "Fear has been something I've lived with my entire life, the fear of being in public places - which led to anxiety or panic attacks. I stayed in my house and literally cried every day. ... My hands were shaking. I was sweating so profusely, I could not move. I made it to my car and remember getting the keys in the ignition, cranking the car up, taking the back roads to my home and parking. I didn't leave the house for six months."
  9. Jennifer Lawrence: "When my mother told me about my childhood, she always told me that there was like a light in me, a spark that inspired me constantly. When I started school, the light went out. It was never known what it was, a kind of social anxiety."
  10. Amanda Seyfried: "I still do get terribly nervous and that's partly due to the fact I think too much and overanalyze things. I'll start worrying about my parents or my dog, and I'll picture him opening the window of my apartment and falling out even though I can't get that thing open myself."
  11. Miley Cyrus: "I would have anxiety attacks. I’d get hot flashes, feel like I was about to pass up or throw up. It would happen a lot before shows, and I’d have to cancel. Then the anxiety started coming from anxiety. I would be with my friends, thinking, I should be having so much fun. You get in this hole that seems like you’re never going to be able to get out of."
  12. Kate Moss: "I had a nervous breakdown when I was 17 or 18, when I had to go and work with Marky Mark and Herb Ritts. It didn't feel like me at all. I felt really bad about straddling this buff guy. I didn't like it. I couldn't get out of bed for two weeks. I thought I was going to die."
  13. LeAnn Rimes: "I'm very happy now. We've been married for over five years and I have my two stepsons, but the shaming thing, that's where I had severe anxiety and depression... It was a mistake but it also led me to my marriage. I didn't know how to deal with that and it became this snowball effect."
  14. Nicole Kidman: "I had a bit of anxiety - it's terrifying."
  15. Howie Mandel: "I was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as an adult, but I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have them."
  16. Barbra Streisand: "You know, I can't remember my good reviews. I remember negative ones. They stay in my mind. So, that says a lot about my upbringing or, you know, a feeling of self-worth when I was younger. Now, I can sort of look at it and see that's kind of funny. But, you know, it is true even today. It's about self-acceptance. It's about believing that I am enough."
  17. Justin Timberlake: "I have OCD mixed with ADD. You try living with that. It's complicated."
  18. Naomi Judd: "Panic attacks. They're very, very strange. ... For me, I was awakened usually at about 3:30 in the morning when you're at your lowest brain wave activity, when you're really asleep. And it's insane, it's so hard to describe because I sat bolt upright in bed and I just felt like I was going crazy, hallucinating and your heart's pounding, you're hyperventilating. If it goes on, you feel tingly in your fingertips, you can get some blurry vision and you feel slightly nauseous. And you really think you're going to just die."
  19. Demi Lovato: "If I get stuck in a crowd, I'll start to think: 'Oh my God, I'm going to die. Something's going to go wrong and someone's going to stab me.'"
  20. Jessica Alba: "I used to unplug every single appliance in my house. It was like a panic came over me and I had to do something, and once I did it, I was okay."
  21. Sarah Silverman: "People use the word 'panic attack' very casually out here in Los Angeles, but I don't think most of them really know what it is. Every breath is labored. You are dying. You are going to die. It's terrifying. And then when the attack is over, the depression is still there."
  22. Taylor Swift: "And it can feel at times, if you let the anxiety get the better of you, like everybody's waiting for you to really mess up - and then you'll be done."
  23. Oprah: "I remember closing my eyes in between each page because looking at the page and the words at the same time was too much stimulation for my brain."
  24. Mara Wilson: "I wish somebody had told me that it's okay to be anxious, that you don't have to fight it, that in fact fighting it makes it worse. That pushing it away is really what it is - it's the fear of fear."
  25. Audrey Hepburn: "The feeling of something so little starting to take over our mind, making every question in to a doubt. And so we begin to embrace what's about to start. We try not to overreact, we breathe in and breathe out and grasp onto the positive things. Remind ourselves that it's mind over matter. But most of the time anxiety takes over so quickly that we can no longer embrace the good. Stressed the hell out is the term for that. We begin to feel alone and submerged by all the weight of negativity. We want someone to talk to but we feel like it's a burden so we try to manage by ourselves. But there is always that friend who pries the truth out of you. And you cry and talk until you pinpoint the problem. Feeling so much better because you no longer have to carry the weight alone."

If They Could Beat Anxiety, Then You Can Beat It Too

I find it uplifting and incredibly motivating to know that all of these 25 celebrities have suffered from anxiety disorder and found a way to get rid of their condition. 

I mean if they could overcome their anxiety despite of the unbelievably stressful lifestyles they lead, then there's no doubt in my mind that you can do it, too.

I hope you found today's article valuable. If you have any questions or if there's anything you'd like to add, leave a comment below!

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