Reduce Anxiety by Cultivating Optimism

2 Powerful Ways to Reduce Anxiety by Cultivating Optimism

During my personal 11 year long journey trying to tame my incessantly worrying mind, I found that there is one trait that seems to be a natural repellent to anxiety. I started to notice that optimism and anxiety seem like they can't get along very well.

It's like the uncanny ability to visualize a brighter future somehow makes you immune to the constant onslaught of intrusive worries and nagging fears. 

In the past few years, science has shown that optimism, in fact, serves as a mental barrier against irrational fears and anxious thoughts. 

Read on to find out how you can be more optimistic and less anxious!

How to Deal with Social Awkwardness At Work

If you stumble, make it part of the dance.

For many people, dealing with awkward social situations at work is a daunting challenge. 

I know it was for me.

I mean all the small talk that you're expected to do with your colleagues, the phone calls you have to make in front of everyone, and the meetings you attend several times a day can really put you on the spot. And before you know it, you can find yourself in those dreaded socially awkward situations with no clue how to scavenge what's left of your composure.

Sounds familiar? 

In this article, I'm going to look at some of the most common socially awkward situations at work and how you can deal with them gracefully, without losing your composure and looking weird.

How to Say No Without Regrets

A couple having a quarrel

Have you ever said yes to someone's odd request because you didn't want them to think you were an a**hole? Do you give away your help expecting nothing in return, just to be good and kind and pleasant? Do you ever find it hard to disagree with someone or simply say no to their request?  

In my experience, shy people have difficulty saying no to requests from others. They find it very challenging to even voice their own opinions when it goes against that of someone else. Instead, they choose to blend in with the crowd in an unassuming manner and prefer to be out of sight and out of mind. 

Read on to find out why you must learn saying no and how you can do it without having any regrets later on.

Avoid Awkward Silence - 5 Tips to Keep a Conversation Going

Handsome man holding a mask

Do you ever feel like a conversation is just dragging on aimlessly? No one seems to be enjoying the convo and when it's your turn to utter something mildly interesting or entertaining, the words that you blurt out seem to only feed the awkward silence that engulfs the room. 

And while you're hopelessly trying to string together the sentences to convey your message, your partner is looking at your face in disbelief, trying to figure out which planet you hail from. 

Read on to find out how you can avoid that dreaded awkward silence and how you can keep a conversation going effortlessly.

Does Excessive Masturbation to Porn Cause Social Anxiety?

Pornography addiction

In this post I'm going to explore a topic that is probably going to push you out of your comfort zone a little bit. We're going to see whether or not excessive masturbation to porn can lead to social anxiety. 

There's a bunch of information floating around the web claiming that it if you indulge in masturbating to pornography, then that's somehow going to make you more socially awkward. And that you're going to have a harder time socializing. And that you're going to have lower self-esteem.

Is that all true? Read on to find out.


“Can Social Anxiety Make You Unsuccessful?”

woman rowing alone on a lake

Can social anxiety really make you unsuccessful?

In this article I'm going to share with you two very personal stories about how social anxiety made me miss out on a college scholarship program and how it turned the simple everyday task of making a phone call into a nightmarish challenge.

Read on to find out how I stopped my social anxiety from making me unsuccessful.

4 Funny Ways US Airports Help Nervous Flyers Cope With Travel Anxiety

LiLou the first US airport therapy pig

Airline companies in the US are going out of their way to make your time at the airport more relaxed and enjoyable.

The thing with flight is, humans were not evolved to shoot through the sky locked up in an aluminum canister. That’s just not a situation in which we naturally thrive.

The good news is that airline companies know about that and they do everything they can to help you overcome that nagging sense of anxiety while waiting in the lounge.

Read on to find out how the largest airports in the US use four-legged help to keep their passengers calm. Genius or hilarious? It's up to you to decide.

Anxiety Symptom #5: Emotional Numbness, Lightheadedness and Depersonalization

Anxiety Symptom #5: Emotional Numbness, Lightheadedness and Depersonalization

It can be a very scary experience when your mind numbs out your emotions in a desperate attempt to drown your panic and anxiety.. You become a spectator of your own life, detached from the world around you. Your words, your actions are all happening on autopilot and all you can do is watch and drift along with it.

So why do you have to go through all that?

Read on to find out why and learn 6 ways to snap out of emotional numbness caused by anxiety!

Anxiety Symptom #3: Sleeping Problems (13 Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally)

Anxiety Symptom #3: Sleeping Problems (13 Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally)

Sleeping problems are a very common symptom of anxiety.

The reality is that the anxious mind doesn’t like to drift away into unconsciousness. It has stuff to check. It has stuff to worry about. It has problems to solve.

And it likes to do all that after you've turned off the lights.